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Herman Castaneda of Premier Denture understands that not everyone can come to the office for denture services. That’s why he offers in-home and care facility visits to patients in the greater Seattle area. If you or a loved one needs quality denture care but needs alternative treatment options, reach out to Premier Denture to find a solution. Creating your best possible smile is Herman Castaneda’s professional goal, and he's willing to help you reach that outcome regardless of your location. Call the office or schedule an appointment online to get started.

In-Home & Care Facility Visits Q & A

Why is in-home or care facility denture services necessary?

Far too many people go without proper denture services because they have difficulty traveling to an office. That’s why Herman Castaneda offers in-home and care facility services.

A great set of dentures improves your ability to speak naturally, eat a varied diet, and feel confident about the impressions you make in the world. Herman believes that mobility issues shouldn’t stand in the way of those benefits.

Which denture services are available in an in-home or care facility setting?

Herman Castaneda of Premier Denture provides the same quality denture care through in-home or care facility services that he offers through his office.

The tools and materials needed to create new dentures, reline or rebase existing dentures, or complete repairs come to your location. Herman may need to transport your existing dentures to the Premier Denture lab to complete the manufacturing process, but he returns them to you in a short period.

Herman also offers routine exams at in-home or care facility visits to ensure the residents’ dentures fit correctly. Gum tissue changes shape over time, and Herman offers routine exams at in-home or care facilities to provide the men and women living there have comfortably fitting dentures.

Are dentures appropriate for those in assisted care?

Men and women living in assisted care facilities can often benefit from quality dentures. Getting fitted for dentures can prove troublesome, however.

For example, many loved ones have cognitive challenges that make leaving the familiar surroundings of their assisted living environment difficult. Being in new settings places them under a great deal of stress. Through care facility visits, Herman Castaneda can help your loved one get properly-fitted dentures without the need to travel to an unfamiliar place.

In-home or care facility visits are also an essential part of ensuring that your loved one’s dentures still offer the best possible fit. Gum tissue changes shape over time, which can lead to dentures that no longer fit as intended. Routine exams ensure the best possible fit and comfort.

If you or a loved one needs in-home or care facility denture services, schedule an appointment today. Online scheduling is available, or you can call the Premier Denture office to find a time that fits your schedule.


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